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So, when's everybody leaving?...

When does everybody leave for college, or wherever you're going next year? Rich already left for Annapolis. Farah and I report to Emerson on September 4th. How about everyone else? How much time do we have left?
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I move in and start orientation @ Wheelock on September 2nd. time is definitly flying by.
I start at Bard on August 6th and I might be leaving a few days before then.

Yes, it's crazy, but Bard has a 3-week orientation program; the freshman writing seminar happens intensively then, rather than taking it during the first semester. Actually, I think it's a good idea because it'll provide a great chance to bond with the other freshmen, but I am annoyed that I won't have turned 18 till the day after. I've gotta figure out how I'm going to register to vote, since I probably won't have an official break until Thanksgiving, when it will be too late for this year. :(

And I'm sad to be leaving everyone so early, too.
August 29th here. BUT...I move to Mass on August 8th and I'll be on vacation from July 30-August 7th, so July 29th will probably be the last time you'll see my in good ol' brookline
I go to Clark on the 15th of August for a TREK program. Orientation starts the 20th...
The 17th or 18th of August.

dude, you can not leave on my birthday
If it's the 18th--and I think it is--then yeah, I think I do.

August 26-28 is orientation and registering for classes and moving in... Classes start the 29, but i'll still be around to hang with the last lingerers...
Movin in September 3, classes start a few days later.
Damn. I feel like I'm leaving last! I move in and start orientation on September 4th. It won't even be that big of a move, since I'm just going to Boston. But I'll be back in Ho/Bro the very next weekend to do theatre stuff at HBHS. I'LL NEVER LEAVE. ekghjksdfbgwjkerntmdjehrn!
~J to the D.